Building Africa's Green Bank - Enabling Nigeria's Sustainable Future

Building a Green Climate Finance Bank for a Low-Carbon African Economy

We are pioneering a bank to accelerate the flow of climate finance across Nigeria's markets and communities. Through purpose-built expertise, customised de-risking instruments and innovative facilities, we are mainstreaming investments towards a just, equitable zero-carbon economy.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria needs to invest around USD 17.7 billion per year to meet its conditional NDC target of reducing emissions 47% below business-as-usual by 2030. However, only USD 1.9 billion per year of public and private capital was invested in climate-related activities in Nigeria in 2019/2020, which is only 11% of the amount needed (1)

  • Africa offers a wealth of climate-related investment opportunities, such as sustainable agribusiness, renewable energy, and climate-smart infrastructure. A low-carbon, climate-resilient path offers Africa the opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the past and seize the opportunity to leapfrog to a better form of growth that can deliver on both its development and climate goals (2)

  • Nigeria has a rich policy landscape dedicated to planning for and responding to climate change, such as the National Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy, the National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action, and the National Action Plan on Gender and Climate Change. (1)

    1: Stout, S., & Meattle, C. (2022). Landscape of climate finance in Nigeria. Climate Policy Initiative.

  • 2: Meattle, C., Padmanabhi, R., Fernandes, P. D. A., Balm, A., Wakaba, G., Chiriac, D., Tonkonogy, B., & Wignarajah, D. (2022). Landscape of climate finance in Africa. Climate Policy Initiative

We are currently putting together our application, to be submitted to the Central Bank of Nigeria for a banking license. In parallel, our leadership team is actively engaging public and private stakeholders within Nigeria's climate policy landscape to develop collaborative partnerships for the bank's successful launch.

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Renewable Energy Finance

We will structure solutions to localize green power infrastructure for communities and industries seeking energy access, security and savings.

Our Focus Areas

  • Renewable Energy Finance

  • Energy Efficiency Retrofits

  • Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture

  • Ecosystem Restoration Projects

  • Circular Economy Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure

We will develop bankable climate-aligned infrastructure solutions around low-emission transport, climate-resilient public works and renewable energy grid integration.

Climate Smart Agriculture

We will support smallholder farmers adopt regenerative practices, climate-smart inputs and post-harvest solutions for enhanced productivity and food security.

Circular Economy Infrastructure

We will invest in regional centralized facilities for managing urban solid waste streams through reduce/recycle/re-use models.

Partnership Opportunities

If you are an impact investor, development agency, policymaker, technology major or expert with strategic alignment to our mission of mainstreaming climate finance, we welcome exploratory partnerships. Please reach out for a leadership discussion on areas of potential collaboration.