Realising Nigeria’s Green Potential

We envision a Nigeria powered by renewable energy, with thriving communities and climate-resilient infrastructure built on sustainable finance. This is the vision that is driving the establishment of the Green Bank for Nigeria, a new banking initiative being established in the heart of Africa's most populous nation.

Accelerating Impact Through Collaboration

We do not intend to do this alone, since no single institution or country can solve the challenges of climate change, considering the multidimensional nature of its economic and political impacts. That’s why we are deliberate in building a collaborative ecosystem to tackle climate finance heads on in Nigeria and Africa.

We believe success requires partnership. We are therefore building strategic relationships with climate leaders worldwide, uniting investment capital, environmental expertise, and financial innovation to create a platform for transformative change.

By integrating the resources of impact investors, climate funds and development institutions, we hope to launch an influential green bank - one that demonstrates the power of cooperation to drive progress.

Get Involved and Make an Impact

Realising our inclusive vision requires participation across all levels of society. We welcome individuals, enterprises, organisations and government agencies to help develop Green Bank for Nigeria's offerings from the ground up.

We are seeking transformational partnerships - in the form of investors, advisors and allies - who share our commitment to positively impact society and the planet. Together, we can design innovative financial solutions, provide critical insights to influence policy, and mobilise capital towards a climate-resilient economy that benefits all Nigerians.

Please reach out to us. We are just an email away:

Join Us on the Journey

As we work through the process of establishing the Bank, we invite you to:

  • Learn More: Explore resources on our website to understand the crucial role of green finance in enabling Nigeria’s sustainable development.

  • Follow Our Progress: Subscribe for email updates on our milestones and exciting announcements as we build strategic partnerships. The subscription link is at the bottom of this page.

  • Collaborate with Us: We are exploring potential partnerships that can amplify our collective impact - please reach out if synergies exist with your organisation's priorities (our partnership email is :

  • Spread Awareness: Help stimulate conversation on social media and among your networks by sharing our vision for a greener, climate-resilient financial future.

This is just the beginning. As we make progress in our set up journey, there will be growing opportunities for broader engagement with the Green Bank for Nigeria. We have an inspiring journey ahead - we hope you will join us to make this vision a reality.

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woman wearing orange, white, and black scarf
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