Building a Green Climate Finance Bank for a Low-Carbon African Economy

Discover how our firm is pioneering efforts to establish Nigeria's first Green Climate Finance Bank and how it will contribute to building a sustainable future for the country.

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Climate change threatens to compound Nigeria’s deeply pressing development challenges from food security to reliable power access unless decisive action is taken. However, Nigeria equally has a massive opportunity to renewably electrify communities, safeguard smallholder farmers and create an ethical, green economy that sustains inclusive prosperity for youth and coming generations.

Bridging the infrastructure financing gap remains the biggest roadblock. While governments have committed to climate targets, fiscal barriers prevent translating plans to projects on the ground. We envision a marketplace solution - leveraging private capital and public commitments to pragmatically finance the low carbon transition.

Introducing Nigeria’s Green Bank - Structured for Impact

Our team of Nigerian financial leaders and sustainability experts is currently incubating plans for a first-of-its-kind private Green Climate Finance Bank. With specialised expertise, customised de-risking tools and innovative financing vehicles, this bank can mainstream climate solutions. How?

  • Unlocking Affordable Capital: By blending capital stacks across first-loss protection, subordinated debt, senior loans and incentive tranches, we can catalyse risk-averse institutional investors towards bankable projects, progressively enhancing deal flows. patience and creativity are key.

  • Building a Pipeline: We will take a hands-on approach, identifying investible opportunities across renewable energy, electric mobility, regenerative agriculture etc. and providing end-to-end support - from conception to commercial operation. Our success is bound to clients’ successes.

  • Localizing Products: Learning global best practices is the starting point. But ultimately, instruments must be tailored for Nigerian markets. Solving challenges around currency risk, partial credit guarantees etc. unlock flows from local banks and diaspora channels towards impact here back home.

While capital sits idly in international markets, Nigeria’s communities struggle with climate fallouts. We aim to bridge this divide by speaking the languages of both social and environmental sustainability as well as return-driven finance. The road ahead requires courage, patience and conviction. We are building the team to deliver a bank as a catalyst for climate justice and prosperity in Nigeria. From smallholder solar irrigation to large grid infrastructure, the opportunities make the journey worthwhile for generations to come. Contact us to learn more []