Institutionalizing Sustainable Finance in Africa's Largest Economy

Discover how our firm is leading the way in building a sustainable future for Nigeria by promoting green finance and accelerating the country's transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy.

1/1/20251 min read

With climate change intensifying flooding, desertification, pollution and water crises across Nigeria’s cities and food belts, the coming decades provide a critical window within which to reverse the trend.

At Quantum Partners, we envision a future not far from now, where Nigeria’s economic security and climate security become mutually inclusive - where farmers leverage technology for productivity and communities enjoy reliable, renewable power.

Here is what we are doing today to make that future a reality:

  • Incubating A Trailblazing Institution: Our team is pioneering the continent’s first climate-specialised financial institution. Nigeria’s Green Bank aims to accelerate renewable energy, electric mobility, regenerative agriculture and other targeted sustainable infrastructure development through seamlessly linking projects to capital.

  • Localising Future Finance Models: Our professionals will leverage global expertise in ESG investing and green banking to engineer tailored financing vehicles - from green bonds to sustainability Improvement credit lines for Nigerian markets. Nigeria needs homegrown financial innovation to meet its net-zero imperatives. We will lead the way through applied research and progressive partnerships.

  • Enabling Stakeholders Nationwide: The bank will democratise climate financing access for groups underserved by existing systems - from remote women-led cooperatives to municipal bodies seeking technology leapfrogs across waste, water and clean power. We believe that developing their investible projects multiplies sustainability.

It is our aim to spearhead platforms for climate prosperity today to ensure the next generation of Nigerians enjoy brighter, resilient futures via economic renewal.

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